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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

2680 Bayshore Parkway, Suite 106
Mountain View, CA 94043

(650) 331-7370

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Services offered

Child, adult, family, and couple therapy
Premarital, preparenting, parenting counseling
Conflict resolution, mediation
Life transition & loss support
Parenting support groups

Who I am
Native French, I practiced as a psychologist in France for 3 years, working with children and families. I moved to this country 9 years ago, continued my training, and became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  My work with my clients is based on a collaborative relationship to help them clarify their concerns and goals, and to find ways to deal with their issues.
In this process I encourage my clients to express their feelings attached to their issues, to talk about relationships, and I help them to gain some insight about family or couple dynamics.
I adapt the therapeutic tools to my clients' needs. I may use techniques targeted at challenging and finding alternatives to unrealistic thoughts, improving communication skills, understanding family and/or couple dynamics and one's own power to change relationships with others.  Some other tools I may use with my clients are art therapy, play therapy, and/or sand play.
I believe that my clients have the potential for overcoming the challenging moments in their life, and that together we can find my clients' strengths that will help them heal and grow.

Please call (650) 331-7370 to schedule an initial appointment.

Is therapy for you?
Therapy is for any child or adult whose ways of dealing with their environment are not satisfying and effective anymore.
Therapy tools are adapted to the age and needs of clients.
Therapy is for any person who wants to make changes in his or her life, or for parents who want to help their child find alternative ways to deal with their issues.
Therapy is also for any person who wants support and wants to be listened to.

Sessions are typically scheduled once a week and last 50 minutes.

I am not contracted with any insurance plans, so I do not handle reimbursements.  Nevertheless, clients are encouraged to check with their insurance provider to determine what benefits they may be entitled to. I recommend that my clients contact their insurance provider prior to making an initial appointment.  I can provide my clients with monthly statements that they may submit to their insurance provider.